Where the River Shines – INTEROCEANICO



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01. El Cielo
02. Circumference
03. Facin the Dawn
04. Bochis
05. Lifelong
06. Everyday
07. I Finally Found
08. Zamba de un Viajero
09. F
10. Outgrowth
11. Aire
10. Outgrowth
11. Aire

Hiroya Tsukamoto Guitar
Marta Gomez Vocal
Nuno Antunes Clarinet
Dan Brantigan Flugelhorn & Vocal
Yulia Musayelyan Flute
Moto Fukushima Bass
Franco Pinna Drums & Percussions


Interoceanico is a unique blend of special musician from different countries and continents all over the world. Interoceanico’s music is a cornucopia of lush harmonies, lyrical melodies, driving rhythms and the first-class arrangements that form their original music. The architecture of their music is shaped by the variety of diverse influences and backgrounds that each of the members have. Interoceanico’s inimitable sound and inventiveness are evident throughout the musical journey that The Other Side of the World takes the listner on.


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