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“Gemini Bridge”  (Live performance at Heartwood Sound Stage / Gainesville, FL)

“Winter Path” by Acoustic Parents  

“Acoustic Parents” is a new project with four different musicians including Hiroya. Other three musicians are Daisuke Abe(guitar), Kuriko Tsugawa(bass) and Kaori Tanioka(composition)

“Soledad” (Quincy Access TV / Quincy, MA)

Promotion Video of Solo Guitar Album

Designer / Fernando Noblecilla (music by Hiroya Tsukamoto)

“Another Great Day To Be Alive (at Rocky Mountain Guitar Co in Salida, CO)

Demonstrating a beautiful baritone guitar built by Jeff Bamburg

“Interview”  (Qunicy Access TV / Qunicy, MA)

“From Coast to Coast”  (at Northern Lights Music, Littleton, NH)

Demo for Santa Cruz Guitar Co at Northern Lights Music

Looping Technique

Sharing some tips to create layers with loop pedals for Elderly Instruments, a great shop in Lansing, MI

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