Hiroya Tsukamoto (Guitarist / Composer / Storyteller)

“Hiroya takes us to an impressionistic journey” -Boston Herald

 “The fingerpicking is delicate, fluid, and beautifully detailed” -Acoustic Guitar Magazine


Eclectic, immersive and mesmerizing; International acclaimed guitarist and songwriter Hiroya Tsukamoto takes us on an innovative, impressionistic journey filled with earthy, organic soundscapes that impart a mood of peace and tranquility.



Two time second place winner at International Fingerstyle Guitar Championship, Hiroya is a one-of-a-kind guitarist and composer. Born and raised in Kyoto, Japan and in 2000, he received a scholarship to Berklee College of Music and came to the US. Since then, he has been performing internationally including United Nations, Blue Note in New York Japanese National Television. Hiroya released six albums.


Live Performance in Orlando, FL (Timucua Arts Foundation)



Confluencia at Eddie’s Guitars  (St. Louis, MO)

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Comments from venues and organizations:

“Hiroya immediately impressed the audience with his technical prowess on the guitar. Then as the concert progressed, he also revealed himself to be a skilled songwriter, a poetic spirit, and an engaging story teller. With a stage presence that is both humble and confident, Hiroya is a generous performer who won every heart in the house.” -Gordon Peery / Monadnock Center for History and Culture (Peterborough, NH)

” The audience at the Three Lakes Center for the Arts will not forget the concert by Hiroya Tsukamoto. His musicality, poetry, humor and skillful delivery of remarkable compositions brought joy to our hearts.” -Gay Scheffen / Director of Three Lakes Center for the Arts (Three Lakes, WI)

“…listening to this gentleman’s music, all I had to do was close my eyes and be transported to a babbling brook, a deep canyon, or a West Virginia mountainside. If you ever have a chance to catch a performance by Hiroya Tsukamoto, take it, undoubtedly!” -Heidi Royal (Director of Portage Center for the Arts (Portage, WI)

Hiroya Tsukamoto is a virtuoso guitarist who took our audience on a most beautiful journey. His fluid style of playing is perfect for the peaceful music he produces.  The stories Hiroya told kept everyone spellbound anticipating the next line and the next note.  This artist is a rare talent and it was a privilege to introduce him to our audience.  Our show with Hiroya was easy and enjoyable. I highly recommend this artist to any host/venue and I am confident he would be everything a host would want and more.  Pre-show communication was timely and a more appreciative house guest would be hard to find.  Book Hiroya as soon as you possibly can for a show you will not soon forget.  -Danielle Goodband (Lakehouse Music / Manhattan, KS)

“His style can be described as a blend of folk, jazz, and world music, so I really didn’t know what to expect. What I didn’t expect, though, was to witness one of the best live guitar performances of my life. But that’s exactly what happened. In terms of musicianship, Tsukamoto’s guitar work was just ridiculous. Right from the beginning of his first song, it was obvious that the folks in Bernunzio’s were in for a treat. His brand of fingerstyle guitar is so intricate, and so blazingly fast at the same time, I kept imagining how many clones I would need to make of myself to accurately replicate his sound. There were times it sounded as if there were two or three guitars playing simultaneously One song that drove that point home was his set opener, “From Coast to Coast”, a song that had some of the fastest harmonic runs I’ve heard.” -Trevor Lewis (Rochester Newspaper)

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