Artwork created by William Allen based on my handwritten chart


$30 (including shipping / domestic only)


  1. Gemini Bridge
  2.  Another Great Day to Be Alive

William Allen asked me to send handwritten charts for two songs. So I sent him and he did this beautiful guitar artwork on top of my charts.


Notes from Willam Allen:

Listening to Hiroya’s tune Gemini Bridge, I had an image come to mind of a guitar in a guitar in a guitar….  To combine the visual image with the sound of the music, I thought of printing the image on a written transcription of his tune, the closest I could get to including the music with the image.  Hiroya was agreeable, but didn’t know what I had in mind when I asked him to send a transcription.   Another image was inspired by Hiroya’s tune Another Great Day to be Alive, like sunshine in a guitar.  I sent copies to Hiroya, and he sent this be to you. 





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