Acoustic Guitar Workshop with Hiroya Tsukamoto
March 1st at 12:00 –1:30 PM
Cost: $30 advance / $40 at door
*Includes FREE Admission to Hiroya Tsukamoto Concert

Hiroya will demonstrate finger-style techniques including chords and basic theory. He will demonstrate how to start composing an original guitar piece. Participants will learn the elements of song structure and how to distill a composition down to its
essence. Hiroya will break down elements of music such as tone, rhythm, and explain how to create an effective practice routine to help improve techniques for musicians who may not take
regular lessons.***Please bring your own instrument.

Register at
3850 Main Rd. Tiverton Four Corners
**Meeting House located in the Four Corners Arts Center
Sculpture Park in Tiverton Four Corners .

Concert at 2pm (Sunday, March 1st)

The Four Corners Arts Center is pleased to present acoustic guitarist Hiroya Tsukamoto on Sunday March 1 at 2:00 at the Meeting House.

Tickets link

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