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New Review for "Heartland" by minor 7th

Hiroya Tsukamoto "Heartland," 2012 Hiroya Tsukamoto's musical career began in his early teens when he took up the banjo and, shortly after, the acoustic guitar. During his college years in Japan, he became influenced by the South American Nueva Cancion movement, stylistic notes of which are evident in "Heartland," the fifth recording to feature Tsukamoto on the guitar, and the first to prominently feature his vocal work. Some of the compositions in "Heartland" are languid, some are upbeat, and many feature original Japanese lyrics that are introspective, nostalgic, and deeply connected to the natural world. While American listeners may not understand the language, they will certainly find the melodies of the songs and the rhythms of the words as fluid, alluring, and engaging as Tsukamoto's playing itself. This artist's abilities are especially highlighted in the solo instrumental compositions ("La Primavera," "Gemni Bridge," "Going to Durango," and the album's namesake, "Heartland") that are thoughtfully interwoven throughout the lyric songs and bookend the album in a neat prelude-postlude fashion. These ease the listener in and out of Tsukamoto's more contemplative vocal pieces, and afford the best chances to really appreciate his precision, movement, expressiveness, and dynamic playing.

(C) Ryan Fark



Performing at Rhythm 'N' Blooms Fest 2013

Hiroya will be performing at Rhythm 'N' Blooms Fest in Tennesse in April

Details will be updated on their webiste  http://rhythmnbloomsfest.com/

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Interview and Live Performance on WRUR "Open Tunings"

On January 31st 11am, Hiroya will be WRUR 88.5 studio for interview and performance

Live Stream


New Album "Heatland" is available!


"Heatland" features instrumentals and Japanese songs. After years of writing, recording for this project, this record finally came out from 333discs.

The CD is available at discography page    http://www.hiroyatsukamoto.com/CDenglish.html



TV appearance on Japan National TV! 

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Hiroya Tsukamoto was featured on NHK BS TV (Japan Public TV) "EL MUNDO" on Monday, October 1st [ Thursday October 4th 11pm.

October 1st: Hiroya Tsukamoto Solo Performance / October 2nd, 3rd & 4th: A duet with Satoshi Takeishi on percussions

NHK website : http://www.nhk.or.jp/english/



New Album / August 29, 2012 

New Album "HEARTLAND" will be released from 333discs in Japan.

This album is the mixture of Japanese songs and guitar instrumentals. After years of writing, recording for this project, this will finally come out!

It will be available in the US in September and more info will be updated.



Podcast on minor 7th.com (March 2012)

New album "SOLO" is featured on minor 7th podcast (March / April Issue  "The Music of Sergio Altamura and Hiroya Tsukamoto")

Click below to listen



Studio Live on Ditty TV (February 2012)

Hiroya Tsukamoto solo performance will be featured on Ditty TV (Memphis, TN) 

Februry 24th, 1pm (CST) Live Streaming


lnternational Acoustic Music Award Finalist (February 2012)

Original composition "Longing" from the latest album was chosen as top ten songs of International Acoustic Music Award 2011


New Review for Solo Album by Celine Keating (minor 7th.com) (February 2012)

"While one shouldn't judge a book -- or a CD -- by its cover, it's hard not to be a bit awed by the appearance of Hiroya Tsukamoto's first solo offering. Gorgeous, spare, sublime -- these adjectives also apply to the music of "Solo," a work of atmospheric beauty that reveals different aspects upon each listen. These are meditative, reflective pieces with highly evocative titles like "Tears," "Waiting for April," "Longing," and "From Coast to Coast" that spin seductive images in the mind while inducing tranquility. Tsukamoto says in his album notes that he began experimenting with DADGAD tuning one day and within a few weeks completed the 10 songs in this collection. Indeed, these pieces relate organically to each other in an extended meditation, opening with the chiming tones of "Icy Day." Such electrifying harmonics are a distinctive feature of Tsukamoto's compositions, which display world, fusion, and progressive jazz leanings and are characterized by slow to medium tempos, lyrical melodies, and hypnotically rhythmic arpeggios. Tsukamoto, originally from Kyoto, Japan, came to the United States on a scholarship to Berklee College of Music and has released three previous albums with his band Interoceanico. His sensibilities are genteel and restrained, and his compositions involve much repetition and pattern making, yet within those constraints there is such intricate variety that the listener remains thoroughly absorbed. In just one example, "Soledad" includes a light rapid arpeggio pattern with an ethereal melody, followed by numerous variations, a fiery progression of jazzy chords, and a return to the arpeggio that opened the piece. "Salvador," too, is a labyrinth of variations unfolding one out of the next. Throughout, Tsukamoto plays with fluid mastery, pristine tone, and great warmth. "


New Review for Solo Album by Lynette Hensley (Victory Music)(January 2012)


Acoustic Music Magazine VICTORY MUSIC

hThe songs are delightfully listenable. This is where Hiroya finds joy. All in DADGAD tunings, he plays handmade acoustic guitars with resounding, heart lifting tones, varieties of rhythms, and interesting chords. Close your eyes, and imagine his fingers dancing across the strings. You can hear each instance. Windham Hill worthy."


"First impressions: Clean, clever, handmade and perhaps slightly sterile presentation in the packaging says

Music for Movie (December 2011)

"Soledad"was featured as the ending theme for a movie / documentary "Tierra y Destierra"

Director: Eduardo de la Serna / ARGENTINA 2011)


FOLK SHOW (November 2011)

New Album "SOLO" was featured on "FOLK SHOW" WPSU


Music for Fashion Clip (October 2011)

Music for Fernando Noblecilla(Designer)'s clip


FOLK PROJECT TV   On Air (October 2011)

"Horses Sing None of It" will be broadcasted on channels below on October 27th     www.folkproject.org

Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN), New York City, 2:30 PM Thursday on Time/Warner Cable Channel 34 and on RCN Cable Channel 8


The Album of the Week (September 2011)

New Album "SOLO" was featured as "The Album of the Week" on  Inter FM (JAPAN)   


Radio Appearances in Japan (September 2011)


Sep 8th  K-Mix (Shizuoka)  

Sep 11th Sanjo FM (Kyoto)  

Sep 16th Senri FM (Osaka)